Monday, 22 March 2010

Environment / Character

“A traveller is interested and curious and wants to immerse himself in a place; a tourist never really gets anywhere. Beautiful places are now increasingly evasive in the modern world, which makes it difficult to get anywhere for anyone. But every now and then you turn a corner or drive into a horizon, and you realise you are travelling, that something is coming towards you and presenting itself. A place opens up to you and you see it, it tells a story and you live in its presence. And this is a glorious feeling, when it happens.” (Wenders)

Everyone likes to start with different things. Making stories out of nothing, in their heads, in conversation, in pictures or on paper. I always start with the place - without a landscape I see nothing. So I need to keep moving. But the exhiliaration of travelling through places or people is impossible to hold on to, because something just happened, then, and you weren’t quick enough for it because you couldn’t measure it.

For now this is as much as I can say about *the jungle experience* I'm currently experiencing, jungularly. Suffice to say that 1) it really is glorious 2) the New Age Traveller scene I was part of for so many years is becoming increasingly nauseating. But armed instead with indescribable understandings, I'm left strangely joyful.

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